Browser Navigation for FileMaker Solutions

Browser Navigation

Everyone uses a web browser these days and is familiar with the concept of back and forward buttons. I needed a fast way to add this type of navigation to existing database solutions irrespective of the existing methods of navigation

The motivation for doing this is to make it really cost effective to add this nice feature to existing database solutions....

FMTools ^ and FileMaker 12


FMTools is an add on utility for FileMaker Pro™ for Windows. Following the release of FileMaker 16 the primary reason for the existence of FMTools is gone! The final version 6 works with FileMaker Pro™ versions 6 to 15 and with solutions bound with FileMaker Developer/Advanced. All the functions can be controlled by FileMaker scripts. FMTools is Not a Plugin. FMTools is Free to use without restriction. Versions prior to 6 require a licence code which is available upon request.