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We can help transform your business

At APJ Computing Solutions our focus is always on adding value to your business and any project we undertake with you has to earn its keep. Ultimately this is about improving profitability and increasing competitive advantage in the following ways:

 So we need to know where a Claris FileMaker database solution can make the biggest difference? Where are the bottle necks in the business processes? Where are the most mistakes made? What are the repetitive jobs that nobody likes to do? Which small tasks are done very frequently?

Database solutions development

A custom app or Claris FileMaker database solution designed to fit your business can really add value and make a difference to the quality of service offered to customers as well as increasing profitability.

Mobile Friendly Web Apps

Whether you need a mobile friendly form for data collection directly into your Claris FileMaker database solution or a comprehensive web app for your staff or customers, we can help

Online Claris FileMaker Database Publishing

Publishing information from your internal databases online can automatically provide up to date information for new and existing customers using desktop or mobile browsers.

Mobile App Development

Providing mobile apps for staff on the road can have a huge impact on your business. Eliminate double entry of information gathered from customers and use two way synchronisation of data ensures everything is always up to date.

Claris FileMaker Database Hosting

Access your FileMaker databases from anywhere by hosting on one of our robust well connected servers.