Browser Navigation for FileMaker Solutions


Everyone uses a web browser these days and is familiar with the concept of back and forward buttons. I needed a fast way to add this type of navigation to existing database solutions irrespective of the existing methods of navigation.

BrowserNav adds web browser like layout navigation history and requires a single script, one custom function (Optional) and back and forward buttons. Once the script and custom function have been added to your file, just paste the back and forward buttons onto each layout you wish to include in the navigation history and you’re done. This module has been designed to be really easy to retrofit to existing solutions; deciding where to put the buttons on your layouts will probably be the most difficult part of the implementation!

There are now three versions:

All versions now have the option to turn off the saving of layouts to the history; this gives more control when running scripted processes that may move through several layouts.

To upgrade to BrowserNav 7 for FileMaker 16 and above, just replace the contents of the custom functions: ‘BrowserNav.SaveNavHistory’ and ‘BrowserNav.Tooltip’ and the contents of the main script ‘Browser Nav (forward or backward)’.



None. I encourage you to use the version with the custom functions unless you do not have access to FileMaker Pro Advanced. This allows the save history function and tooltips the be easily modified in one place even if the solution has a large number of layouts with the navigation buttons.


Completely Free!