How We Work - the development process

Initial Consultation

This is where we have a discussion about what want to achieve and learn a little about your business.

Preliminary Proposal

After reviewing the information obtained during the initial consultation, we provide an informal proposal and an estimate of the project cost

Requirements Analysis and Formal Proposal

If the estimate is 'in the ballpark’ we perform a more detailed assessment of your requirements in order to provide you more formal proposal and a fixed price for the development. It is at this point the clock starts; typically this phase would cost around £750 + VAT, however it does vary with the complexity of the project. This stage usually involves a site visit and is brainstorming and planning session for your project. We'll work together to define the scope of the project such that it meets your objectives. During this stage we will:

At the end of the process you will receive an outline of the functionality to be include in the delivered solution, together with a Formal Proposal Quotation for the project.

Project approval and commencement

If you like what you see in the Formal Proposal Quotation and decide to proceed we work together to create a schedule for the project and agree a payment plan which is likely to include a deposit and one or more payments depending on the size of the the project and how log the development is expected to take. We can also offer extended payment plans by direct debit.

Development Cycle

We use an Agile like development methodology when developing bespoke database solutions with regular reviews. We aim to deliver useful functionality for testing as early as possible so that you can clearly see that progress is being made.

‘Go Live'

When development is complete, we schedule a ‘go live’ date and if necessary provide training to the users. It is at this point, that our complimentary technical support period begins.