Online Database Hosting

Why use a database hosting service

Hosting this way opens up the ability to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection, run overnight scripts, take advantage of our hourly backup system, and have the reassurance of knowing that a backup server is waiting in the wings. For smaller operations it makes using FileMaker server more practical and affordable.

Our aim is to provide a FileMaker hosting service with top performance, high data security and using the latest software but at reasonable price.

Flexible value for money pricing

Our hosting plans have carefully thought through limits that we believe meet most users requirements. These limits mean your FileMaker files will not have to share a server with others who hog bandwidth and processor cycles that so called "unlimited" hosting plans attract. In this way we are able to offer top FileMaker Server performance at a good price.

Reliable servers, robust network

We work to keep a minimise downtime on our servers. It is not unusual to see users that have been continuously connected for well over a week. We host our own files and those of a number of our development client‘s files on these servers so we really appreciate how annoying it can be to find you cannot access your data. When we do need to reboot (perhaps for a security update) we always try to do this after sending out a warning message to connected users and late at night at the weekend. Our policy is to not overfill any particular server and thus ensure top performance at all times. Among our many hosting clients we are proud to have been been selected by a number of professional UK developers to host their clients files. As well as UK based clients we have clients who regularly connect from Belgium, Holland, Spain, Denmark,Italy, India, Australia, Thailand and the USA.