A Responsive Site - at last!

I have been wanting the APJ Ltd web site to be responsive for a couple of years now, but never got round to it. It's not quite finished, but good enough to go public. I used Reflector to grab an image of the site on my iPhone. It's a shame reflector is so honest as it reveals how I'm getting my money's worth from my 4S!

The now old site was the first since 1996 to be outsourced and I am very happy to have bought the build back in-house. I have tried to retain the essence of the previous design whilst updating it to be responsive and fit for a mobile world. The new site uses FMWebFrame by Tim Dietrich to pull data from a FileMaker database on one of our FileMaker Hosting servers. The site is based on the excellent Skeleton responsive framework and was built using the Coda editor.

Now that the design is pretty much complete, there are still a few things to do including moving the content into the backend FileMaker database and the transfer of blog posts from the now old site - once that is done I plan to post more details of the setup. I am hoping that this blog will be updated more frequently now that creating new posts is so much easier.