Mobile Solutions Development

Mobile database solutions

Now you can unleash the power of your database solution to your iPad and iPhone users with FileMaker Go. FileMaker Go will help your mobile users do all this and more:

All these and more are possible with a mobile solution.

Mobile solutions need to work whether the user has a good or non-existent internet connection, so we build solutions that can quickly receive data from and send data to the office database server. In areas of good connectivity this can happen almost instantly.

we build in an update mechanism so all your off-site users can get easy access to any new features and enhancements.

Migration from other mobile platforms

If you have a mobile solution already, based on a different platform, we can rebuild using FileMaker Go to provide tight integration with both iOS hardware and FileMaker Server based solutions.

Mobile Database support

We offer support services that can be tailored to your business with a variety of options to ensure that your mobile database solution is always available.

Why FileMaker

We have been working with FileMaker since 1994 and believe that it is an excellent platform for the rapid development and support of highly effective database solutions for desktop, web and mobile.