Mobile Friendly Web Apps

Take your online presence to the next level

Would any of the following help your business grow or improve efficiency?

With our new responsive framework, we can quickly build fast data driven web sites and apps that can be integrated with existing web site designs and structures.

Push data from web forms directly to your FileMaker database solution

If you are currently receiving an email every time someone completes a form on your web site, there is a better way. A bespoke intelligent form can respond to the information entered and send an email to confirm receipt as well as storing the information in the appropriate section of your database and informing the relevant staff member.

Mobile friendly online application forms

Online application apps, including integrated payment, can add value to many businesses by making it really easy for customers to apply or sign up for a variety of services, for example:

Secure customer and staff portals

Staff and customer portals enable self service access to personalised information and save your buiness time by reducing incoming requests for information

One click approval

Automatically send an email to the appropriate person with a link to approve or reject a request with a single click.

Display Realtime Information

Provide status or KPI data in real time on your web site directly from your data solution.

Integrated Payment Collection

Incorporate payment collection and direct debit setup directly into your web app for a seamless customer experience.

Responsive Web Apps

If you have an idea for a web based subscription service, we would be delighted to partner with you to both build the app to your specification and provide the infrastructure to support it.