Browser Navigation

Everyone uses a web browser these days and is familiar with the concept of back and forward buttons. I needed a fast way to add this type of navigation to existing database solutions irrespective of the existing methods of navigation without breaking any existing functionality.

BrowserNav adds web browser like layout navigation history and requires a single script, one custom function (Optional) and back and forward buttons. Once the script and custom function have been added to your file, just paste the back and forward buttons onto each layout you wish to include in the navigation history and you‘re done. This module has been designed to be really easy to retrofit to existing solution; deciding where to put the buttons on your layouts will probably be the most difficult part of the implementation!


- Very easy to retrofit to existing solutions - Works with scripted and native layout navigation - Back and forward buttons show tooltip of destination layout - Button arrows grey if no-where to go - History ignores layouts with no back and forward buttons (scripts going to developer layouts for example) - No duplicate entries if the layout refreshed - Separate button and button text layout objects for easy customization

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